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PRESS RELEASE – FEP welcomes the judgement of the CJEU in the case C-263/18 (Tom Kabinet)

The Judgement that FEP still has to carefully review, appears to remain in line with the very clear formulations of the EU copyright acquis and the Court of Justice jurisprudence, notably in (...)

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Buon Compleanno AIE!

Our Italian member association AIE (Associazione Italiana Editori) is celebrating his 150 years anniversary today.
We wish them all the best in this day of celebration!
AIE has been FEP member (...)

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PRESS RELEASE - FEP’s reaction to Advocate-General’s Opinion in case C-263/18 (Tom Kabinet)

The Federation of European Publishers takes note of the Opinion of Advocate-General Maciej Szpunar delivered today in the case C-263/18. The Opinion remains in line with the very clear (...)

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Press release - EUPL 2019 Winners

The winners of the 2019 edition of the European Union Prize for Literature have been announced.
Please find the press release below or check out the official (...)

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THE IDEA. To inspire and engage Young Publishing Professionals (YPP) from as many FEP member countries as possible, involve them in the overall European idea and the defence of industry values, (...)

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PRESS RELEASE - Adoption of DSM Directive by the Council

FEP welcomes the adoption of the Copyright in the Digital Single Market by the European Union Member States at the Agricultural Council.
FEP President, Rudy Vanschoonbeek said After two and a (...)

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Open letter to MEPs who have voted against the copyright directive last Tuesday, because they are against censorship

I am too. But as a smaller European online entrepreneur, and as a representative of many peers across Europe, I need correct compensation for the creative work that my authors and I do. When (...)

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PRESS RELEASE - FEP welcomes the vote on the provisional agreement on Copyright in the European Parliament of 26 March 2019

Today the European Parliament voiced its support for European culture, innovation, access to knowledge and creativity. FEP welcomes this important decision and is looking forward to the (...)

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Digital copyright like David’s sling - by Stefano Mauri

Soon the European Union must decide whether to approve the copyright directive. I would like to give my testimony to the beneficial effects of this piece of legislation. I’ve been a publisher for (...)

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PRESS RELEASE - European publishers welcome the adoption of the European Accessibility Act

The Federation of European Publishers has followed with interest the negotiations leading to the adoption of the European accessibility Act by the Parliament this Wednesday. E-books in their vast (...)

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