PRESS RELEASE - FEP welcomes the vote on the provisional agreement on Copyright in the European Parliament of 26 March 2019

Today the European Parliament voiced its support for European culture, innovation, access to knowledge and creativity. FEP welcomes this important decision and is looking forward to the conclusion of negotiations on this file in order for the Copyright Directive to be adopted and subsequently implemented in the Member States.

FEP President Rudy Vanschoonbeek said: I wish to thank all the MEPs who have, with today’s vote, given real support to European creators and taken an important step towards securing a future of diversity and innovation in the creative sectors. This Directive, the most hotly contested I have ever seen, will modernise copyright and bring certainty to stakeholders in a number of important areas. We need to work now at national level to prepare the implementation based on cooperation between the various stakeholders.

FEP represents 29 national publishers associations in Europe. Our members represent publishers of books, journals and educational contents, in all formats. European publishing is a leading sector worldwide with seven out of the ten largest publishing groups belonging to European companies.

For more information, please contact Anne Bergman-Tahon, FEP Director - or 0032477-33-65-76