The European Commission adopts a strategy to unlock the full potential of the cultural and creative sectors to boost jobs and growth in the EU.

The Commission’s new strategy aims to increase the competitiveness and export potential of these sectors, as well as to maximise their spill over benefits for other areas such as ICT and innovation. The Commission is calling for a range of actions to promote the right conditions for the cultural and creative sectors to flourish, involving all actors from the local level up to the regional, national and European levels. These actions focus on skills development, access to finance, promotion of new business models, audience development, access to international markets and improved links to other sectors.

The strategy, outlined in a document entitled ’Promoting cultural and creative sectors for growth and jobs in the EU’, envisages a series of policy initiatives promoting the right regulatory environment (with an IPR framework rewarding creative efforts and facilitating cross-border activities in the internal market), a fully integrated digital European Single Market, as well as a review of the current VAT rates structure.

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