Press Release: Young Publishing Professionals in Brussels 2022

Thirteen young publishers coming to Brussels to exchange on sustainability and discover the European institutions

A picture from the 2019 edition

After two years of stop due to the pandemic, the Federation of European Publishers launches the second edition of Young Publishing Professionals in Brussels (YPPiB), from 14 to 16 June 2022. Thirteen young publishers from nine different European countries will visit the capital of Europe for two days of events and meetings.

In 2022, FEP invited two Ukrainian publishers to join the meeting, along with their colleagues coming from Austria, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, and Spain.

Thanks to YPPiB, FEP aims to inspire and engage with young publishing professionals (YPPs), to brief them about the topics that FEP is working on and to learn from their experiences. On 14 June, the YPPs will hear about the legislation affecting the European book sector and the opportunities of the Creative Europe Programme.
Furthermore, they will be informed on FEP activities in terms of sustainability, and they will be invited to share their own experiences in this regard [1].

During the second day, the YPPs will visit the European Parliament at the invitation of MEP Laurence Farreng and follow a meeting of the Committee on Culture and Education at the invitation of its Chairwoman, MEP Sabine Verheyen. Meetings with Members of Parliament in Brussels are also being organised.

The YPPiB promises to be fruitful for all parties involved. For the FEP, because it helps to better recognise challenges and opportunities faced by the younger generation of European publishers. For politicians, to have the chance to meet young publishers and understand their challenges and opportunities. And for the young publishers themselves to feel more engaged in European affairs.

The event is organised in the framework of Aldus Up.

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[1FEP hold a session during the New European Bauhaus Festival on “Reading in sustainably published books”, as a side event. The recording is available on FEP’s YouTube channel.