Press Release: JURI Vote

Take two?

FEP notes with regret that the Parliament did not endorse the mandate the Members of the Legal Affairs Committee adopted on 20 June 2018. While the discussions mainly concentrated on issues not directly affecting the book industry, copyright is in all cases the very basis of the creative process. It is because our authors are protected by copyright that they can write enjoyable, educational, informative books. We very much hope that when the text comes back to the plenary session, Members of the European Parliament adopt a text that will sustain and promote the creative industries of which book publishing is a leading component. With its 29 member associations, FEP will continue engaging with MEPs to achieve a balanced outcome on this crucial legislation. Newly elected President, Flemish publisher Rudy Vanschoonbeek said ‘The voice of those who make European culture(s) must be heard louder than those of the platforms which want a net impunity. The internet should not be a digital far-west where those with most money and most control over the internet can decide the fate of EU policies”. FEP organises dialogues with authors and their publishers in Strasbourg on 11th September (first author announced is Georg Klein, laureate of the Bachmann prize) and hope this gathering will provide many MEPs with the opportunity to better understand why we need balanced provisions supporting creation.

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