Press Release: FEP invites the Ukrainian Publishers Association as Special Guest

Since the very first days of the conflict, the Federation of European Publishers has voiced its condemnation of the Russian war against one of our European neighbours: Ukraine.

Today FEP’s President Peter Kraus vom Cleff has written to the President of the Ukrainian Publishers and Booksellers Association, Oleksandr Afonin, inviting the UPBA to be a Special Guest of FEP. Ukrainian publishers are European publishers and FEP wants to show its full solidarity to colleagues in Ukraine.

Peter Kraus vom Cleff said: "This attack is a war on Ukraine and it is a war on Europe. Although it may seem derisory when one sees the bombs killing brave Ukrainians, European publishers want to support their fellow colleagues in inviting them to be Special Guest of our joint Federation".

FEP will liaise the UPBA to support them as much as possible with concrete actions. FEP will invite the UPBA to coming meetings.