FEP Press release | Copyright in the DSM Historical Vote

Today our MEPs made a historical decision to support culture, innovation, access to knowledge and creativity which are at the heart of the European Union. FEP welcomes the decision and wishes to especially thank the Rapporteur, Mr. Axel Voss, who supported fair solutions for all stakeholders. We look forward to this positive outcome leading to a successful trilogue. Europe’s publishers will then work tirelessly to ensure that people across the EU continue to be free to write, publish, read and benefit from the best possible books and journals.
Rudy Vanschoonbeek, President of the Federation of European Publishers, said directly after the vote, while in Strasbourg for a meeting and an event in the European Parliament, that Publishers are pragmatic entrepreneurs and this piece of legislation –Copyright in the Digital Single market- clarifies some aspects of copyright which would affect our readers/users (teachers, students, librarians), making it clearer on what is allowed or not. These were asked from these communities and as we do at national level, we understand their needs and address them either individually or through our collective societies. The provisions in the text as adopted by the Parliament result from compromises. For authors and publishers and for readers/users, the sustainability of the books and journals’ ecosystem is paramount. The new rules must reflect this delicate balance and we are hopeful that the inter-institutional will respect this equilibrium.