FEP Activities- week 20-24 January

 FEP and STM TDM live demo
 Council/Meeting with Greek Permanent Representation
 Council/ Meeting with the Italian Permanent Representation
 EP/Culture Committee Meeting
 EP/Public Hearing on New Technologies and Open Educational Resources
 EP/Legal Affairs Committee
 EC/ ICT Research and Innovation for Creative Industries and Cultural Heritage- Horizon 2020 Information
 EC/ Open Disruptive Innovation & Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support
 EC/Meeting with DG MARKT on online and postal services
 EC/Info Day – Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH) Expertise and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) Actions for ICT-Related Topics in Horizon 2020’s Work Programmes 2014-2015
 EIF/EIF Dinner Debate ’Digital trends 2030‘
 EIF/EIF Breakfast Debate ’Feedback from IGF 2013’
 Europeana/Extraordinary Board meeting
 IPA/ IPA EPF Technology Advisory Group meeting
 IPA/ IPA EPF meeting
 Brussels/Future media Minds Conference
 ICAEW/ Seminar ‘The digital economy – How should it be taxed?’
 Business Europe/Business Europe Copyright group meeting