FEP Activities - Week 16 - 20 September

  • CULT Creative Europe meeting 17th September
  • Meeting with assistant of MEP Véronique Mathieu Houillon
  • Meeting with MEP Emma Mc Clarkin
  • Meetings with MEPs’ assistants
  • EUPL- Meeting with the Cabinet of Commissioner’s Vassiliou
  • Meetings with MEPs Sandrine Belier and Schopflin
  • Meeting with MEP Nathalie Griesbeck
  • Meeting with MEP Marie-Thérèse Sanchez Schmid
  • Licences for Europe – Working Group 1
  • Launch of a report on research collaboration and researcher mobility by Elsevier and Science Europe
  • Debate on the EU-US Transatlantic Free Trade and Investment Partnership agreement
  • IPA Educational Publishers Forum
  • Arrow+ meeting in Poland
  • Meeting Licences for Europe on User Generated Content

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