FEP Activities - Week 1-5 & 8-12 February 2016

Week 1-5 February

  • Brussels/Platform liability
  • Brussels/Industrial policy for the Creative and Cultural Sectors
  • Milan/CENL-FEP Working group discussed TDM and issues round legal deposit

Week 8-12 February

  • Brussels/NEM Executive Group meeting
  • Brussels/Europeana Food and Drink Book/eBook Cluster meeting
  • Brussels/Creativity Works!
  • Brussels/Discussion with the Commission on the educational exception
  • EC/Remote access - Preservation

TISP article of the week

03 February 2016 - MLOL Plus

Read here

The article of the week is about MLOL Plus, a service based on a subscription model that connects libraries, publishers, distributors and bookstores. It’s a service developed to support Italian libraries and give readers the access to digital loans. It uses a “freemium” business model: users pay for a subscription, they get an advanced service and help support the basic free service for library users.

10 February 2016 - The Journey of Alvin

Read here

It’s the "The Journey of Alvin", kindly collected by the AMETIC team. This interactive story could be described as as an app-movie as the application takes advantage of the resources of cinematographic language.