FEP Activities – From week 27-30 April to week 25-29 May

Week 27-30 April

  • EP/Vice-President Ansip at the CULT Committee
  • Brussels/NEM Executive Group meeting and NEM Summit organisation meeting
  • OHIM/Observatory Private Sector Representatives Meeting

Week 4-8 May

  • EC/Meeting with cabinet Jourová
  • EC/Input to study on the remuneration of authors
  • EP/Innovations in Digital Media: why accessing content has never been easier
  • Brussels/Data Protection workshop « Data: beyond the protection versus innovation dilemma”
  • EC/Meeting with DG EAC on EUPL
  • EP/Report on a “renewed consensus on the enforcement of IPR” adopted in JURI
  • EP/ Exchange of view with UN’s special rapporteur on Copyright Policy and the right to science and culture
  • EP/ EPP working group on Copyright – FEP speaks on European Copyright Title
  • EP/ Vote on the IPR enforcement report in JURI

Week 11-15 May

  • Brussels/Open Innovation in Schools: Bringing Policy into Practice
  • EP/Spanish publishers’ delegation visits the EP
  • Brussels/Shaping the Digital Single Market and strengthening cultural diversity. How can the European book trade contribute?
  • EP/ Creativity Works! Workshop "How to make a book, a song, an image"
  • European Projects/Europeana Food & Drink Book/eBook Project Cluster meetings
  • Brussels/Workshop "Copyright at a digital age"
  • EP/Meeting with assistant MEP Le Grip

Week 18-22 May

  • Brussels/NEM Executive Group meeting and NEM Summit organisation meeting
  • EC/Meeting the EC on the EUTR
  • Brussels/The Future of Education in the Digital Age
  • Vienna/FEP Vienna General Assembly

Week 25-29 May

  • EP/DSM third meeting in IMCO: Working group on the Digital Single Market
  • Brussels/ CW! Plenary
  • EC/Input to European Commission study on regulation of digital content products
  • Brussels/ Conference call coalition of creative industries on Reda report

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