European Publishers Meeting


European Publishers Meeting

It will be held at the new headquarters of the Casa del Lector, at Matadero Madrid, on 11 and 12 April, in morning and afternoon sessions.

The Meeting seeks to analyse and describe the current state of publishing in Europe from a double perspective, both cultural and economic. This will lead to proposals for concrete action, while at the same time facilitating a better understanding of the work of publishers as agents of cultural development.

The Meeting is of a professional nature, with the participation of publishers from 12 European countries and who represent a wide range of backgrounds. They will present their visions of European publishing, recount their experiences, and make proposals for improving the sector as a whole.

We would very much like you to attend this Meeting as a professional of books and culture, because the debates will be much enriched by the participation of experts.

We attach the complete programme of the work sessions, with the subjects to be debated and the names of the participating publishers, along with a registration form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1OkFmBeFD878HYNJ4NmQaJ3uWIaocyWwIinAnv39T-ms/edit that is necessary for attending and reserving your place.

The programme also includes two sessions that are open to the general public at the end of the afternoon:

> A conversation between Spanish writer Ignacio Martínez de Pisón and his Dutch publisher, Nelleke Gees (Thursday 11 at 19:30 hours), about the relationship between authors and publishers, and

> A roundtable that will sum up the sessions (Friday 12 at 19:30 hours)

For more information, contact encuentroeditores@casalector.es