Communication on copyright: FEP looks forward to continue working with the Commission


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The College of Commissioners has adopted today both a Regulation on Portability and a Communication on Copyright. FEP will assess their content and their impact on its sector.

The activity, the jobs and investments of the publishing sector directly depend on copyright and on a balanced legal framework. Copyright law is a key facilitator of the Digital Single Market and ensures that creators are appropriately rewarded and that the companies which invest in them can achieve a return.

The ecosystem of publishing is largely based on acquisitions by readers, 96% of the revenues of trade publishing (1). These are the books typically found in bookstores.] result from sales to individual readers.

Publishing is one of the biggest success stories of the digital age. With digital publishing, we are now able to offer tailor-made licences to answer the needs of our users, whether they are individuals, schools or libraries. Hence, the exceptions suggested in the Communication will need to be carefully assessed to ensure that they do not prejudice the normal exploitation of the works and still allow the production of high-quality and diverse content.

FEP commits to continue working with the EC to provide them with all the necessary information to make informed and measured decisions.

It is also important to point out that publishers in their contract with authors, have the rights transferred for the commercial exploitation of a work, and that they then act as rights holders under the terms of the contract. This has to be recognised in all areas of copyright.

What the EU needs is a real industrial policy for its cultural industries, including book publishing, so that we can continue to thrive. This is important for jobs and growth, and the cultural diversity we contribute to with half a million new titles each year, is important for the cohesion of our region and for freedom of expression.

Note to the editors: The Federation of European Publishers, representing 28 national associations of books and learned journals in the European Union and the European Economic Area is the voice of European publishing in Europe.

Book publishing is the most prominent cultural industry in Europe and in the world. Publishing is a central part of a European creative industries sector which collectively employs more than seven million people and contributes 4.5% of EU GDP annually.

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(1) Trade publishing refers to books for a general audience. These are the books typically found in bookstores.

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