ADEB - What is the purpose of a publisher?

In the face of the changes which are reshaping the book chain trade, the Association of Belgian Publishers (ADEB) has decided to launch, this October, a discussion as well as a communication campaign focusing on the publisher’s added value.

Being an entrepreneur dedicated to the service of society and culture, the publisher is more than a mere intermediary between a book and its audience: He is the head of a company. He is a multi-faceted stakeheolder, who provides his readers with reliable and necessary resources. From designing to selling, his input is real and constant. The publisher has always worked at meeting the needs of society. Nowadays he also needs to work at meeting the needs of the the new reading practices. Therefore the ADEB’s campaign will aim as well at pondering the publisher’s added value within our digital world?

Throughout the year, several of the association’s actions will be linked to this initiative. You can follow the ADEB’s actions at and read more about their initiative at

The initiative is only available in French.