2014 Winners of the European Union Prize for Litterature were officially announced this morning at the Frankfurt Book Fair

They are thirteen, they come from all over Europe, they speak different languages, but all of them share one unique gift, that of writing. Together, they represent this year’s batch of talented European writers whose work will be rewarded in December by the European Union Prize for Litterature (EUPL).

Today, 8th of October, their 13 names were officially revealed during a press conference held at the prestigious Frankfurt Book Fair. The press release issued by the organising parties, of which FEP is a member, features a word from our President Pierre Dutilleul:

“The European motto is “united in diversity”. In this search of a balance between union and national singularity, literature plays a rather unique role, as it helps building bridges between our different cultures. These bridges, which foster mutual understanding, are more than necessary if we are to pursue our European endeavor. This year again, 13 European laureates, have succeeded in making us more European, more open to diversity and differences by sharing with us the uniqueness of their cultures. As a publisher, I hope these emerging authors will find readers throughout Europe thanks to the magic of translation.”

Read the full press release hereunder

For more more information about EUPL visit the website of the prize