Technology and Innovation for Smart Publishing (TISP) Network

The TISP network aimed at creating a platform for publishers and technology providers to promote wider collaboration so as to make available expertise and tools on innovation and technology to the publishing industry in a mutual exchange of ideas and experience between the two sectors.

TISP resulted from the cooperation of two pre-existing networks, led by the Federation of European Publishers and Digital Europe, both key project partners. Many members of the two federations were involved in this network, to have a good balance between the European and the national dimensions and to trigger a multiplier effect towards their members at national level. The partnership included some research institutions with specific expertise on both domains and the companies organising the three most important book fairs of the world (Frankfurt and London book fair, Bologna Children’s book fair). The complete list of participants is available here.

Funded by the European Commission, the project ran over a three years period. Its two objectives were the following:
- Fostering business innovation in the two sectors, through sharing knowledge and analysis of market trends and benchmarking with existing business cases.
- Supporting policy innovation at national and European level, through provision of policy recommendation elaborated jointly by the two communities.

Network partners met in occasion of book and technology trade events where ad hoc TISP seminars were organised on selected topics, while dialogue continued throughout the project’s life with different communication tools and activities. The results of the exchanges between stakeholders as well as the outcomes of TISP events have convened in a single web resource: the “TISP smart book”, consisting of a set of business cases and other relevant material that may support decision making by companies in launching new business models. The high level dialogue between the two stakeholders communities involving their major representative organisations resulted in policy recommendations on how innovation in digital publishing and the uptake of ICT should be supported.

In order to foster the dialogue between publishing and ICT and provide a real space for exchange and analysis about innovation in digital publishing, the TISP consortium created the Smart Book, an open web resource for publishing and ICT professionals. At the Smart Book’s core are the business cases: examples of cooperation between ICT and publishing such as development of new services in the book sector with technological value, interesting start-ups and business initiatives boosting the dialogue between the two communities and highlighting needs from publishers that are met with a technological solution. The Smart Book is continuously updated with reviews of relevant events organised within the network, market studies and interviews with international professionals of both worlds in order to have a full coverage of the key trends and topics in the publishing and ICT world.

The TISP project, supported by the EC under the CIP framework programme, ran from January 2013 to December 2015; you can check the TISP Smart Book, where you will also find the TISP Policy Recommendations.