European Digital Library - EUROPEANA

Europeana sets out to make all Europe’s cultural resources and scientific records – books, journals, films, maps, photographs, music, etc. – accessible to all, and preserve it for future generations. The initiative focuses on two areas: cultural heritage – creating electronic versions of the materials in Europe’s libraries, archives and museums, making them available online, for work, study or leisure, and preserving them for future generations; and scientific information – making research findings more widely available online and keeping them available over time. FEP has been an early supporter of Europeana and has been extremely involved in finding ways for publishers to be able to bring their publications to Europeana. In the early years, FEP was a member of the High Level Group on digital libraries and afterwards participated in a number of consultations. Since last year, FEP Director Anne Bergman-Tahon has been elected as officer of the Europeana Network and is therefore represented in the Board of the Foundation. FEP is thriving to find solutions to issues raised by librarians.

  • FEP attended several Board meetings of Europeana, a plenary session in December 2011 in Rotterdam and an High Level discussion in Copenhagen in April 2012
  • FEP attended the High level event in Brussels in May 2012
  • FEP organised two seminars with publishers and Europeana, at the Frankfurt Book fair in October 2011 and in Brussels in May 2012
  • FEP organised a meeting between Europeana and representatives of the main creative content producers’ organisations in Brussels in May 2012
  • FEP holds also a dialogue with the Conference of European National Librarians (CENL) and just had had our 35th meeting end of May in Brussels. We are working on a statement on deposit of non-print works.