Collective management

The European Commission plans to propose a Directive on collective rights management establishing general rules for the operation of collecting societies. It is an initiative underpinning the European Digital Agenda, announced in May 2010.
The Commission has confirmed this intention in several occasions, including in occasion of the publication of the Communication on the Single Market Act of April 2011 or the IPR Strategy. The initiative on collective management, which should take the form of a Directive and will most likely focus on transparency and good governance for all sectors and on facilitating multiterritorial licensing for the music sector.
A draft Directive is expected to be published before the summer 2012 together with an Impact Assessment.

  • FEP has been following the issue and reminding to the European Commission and Parliament the role of collective management in the book field, including the fact that book publishers can grant world-wide or at least Europe-wide licenses as these are generally granted on a language basis, and that RROs normally manage only secondary uses. FEP has welcomed the intention to improve transparency and governance in the field, but also clarified that collective management in the book sector does not present particular problems.