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La BD est Charlie

Following the killings in France at the beginning of January, hundreds of cartoonists decided to pay a tribute to freedom of expression. Launched by our colleagues from the Syndicat National de (...)

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FEP Activities- week 12-16 January

EC/ Delegation of European publishers led by FEP to meet Director General of DG EAC
EC/ Meeting with Robert Madelin, Director General of CONNECT
EC/ Meeting with the Copyright Unit
EC/ (...)

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FEP Activities- week 5-9 January

* EC/ Meeting with Oettinger Cabinet
* Brussels/ NEM Steering Board meeting
* Brussels/ CMBA meeting
* Europeana Food & Drink Book/eBook Project Cluster (...)

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European publishers display innovation in Brussels

European publishers met today with Mr Xavier Prats MonnĂ©, Director General from DG Education and Culture and Mr Robert Madelin, Director General from DG CONNECT. Pierre Dutilleul, Director of (...)

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European publishers display their support to Charlie Hedbo

Following the attack suffered by the Charlie Hebdo, many national publishers associations expressed their sorrow and support.
From our French colleagues
From our German colleagueshere
From our (...)

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The Federation of European Publishers condemns the murders at Charlie Hebdo and will continue to defend freedom of expression

The Federation of European Publishers joins its colleagues from the French Publishers Association and the International Publishers Association to denounce the murders committed in Paris (...)

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FEP Deputy Director at Incheon International Children Education Forum

On 17th and 18th December, FEP Deputy Director Enrico Turrin participated in the Incheon International Children Education Forum, in Incheon, South Korea. The event, co-hosted by Incheon (...)

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FEP Director’s intervention at the event Education in a Digital Era

On 11th December 2014, FEP attended the Italian Presidency & EC event Education in a Digital Era.
FEP Director Anne Bergman-Tahon took the floor to explain that publishers had understood (...)

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FEP Activities- Week 15-19 December

* EC/DG CONNECT/Horizon 2020 & education
* EC/ Meeting with Rupert Schegelmilch, Director Services, Investment and Intellectual Property and Public Procurement at DG Trade
* EC/ Cultural (...)

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